5 Ways to Strengthen Relations Between Employees & Managers

Workplace conflicts between employees and managers are quite quotidian in every organization. This leads to reduced productivity and a tense workplace environment which in turn affects the whole organization if the conflicts are not resolved on time. Employees and managers should have a good relationship as it is an important facet of daily business operations.

Although employees and managers are better off being colleagues than friends though they still should have effective communication and strong bonding. If there is a huge conflict between an employee and their manager, one way to resolve it is by hiring discipline and grievance management services Dorset and letting the professionals handle it. But to avoid such conflicts, here are five ways that will help you strengthen employee-manager relations.

Weekly Check-ins

Managers should hold weekly check-ins with every employee working directly under them. This helps establish a positive rapport with each other. Discussing current projects, goal progress, issues, and problem-solving together can help build a stronger bond between managers and employees. This will also make the employee feel more comfortable instead of being intimidated and can ask for help whenever required.

Effective Communication

Employees as well as managers have more than enough workload meeting deadlines and attending meetings. Often, because of their busy schedule, communication lacks but for any team or department, effective communication is the key to quality work and better productivity. If feasible, keep the communication flow on by shifting online methods of communicating like video calls, e-mails, etc.


Often managers assign certain tasks to certain employees and other employees feel neglected. It is essential to promote workplace cooperation to avoid employees feeling in a certain way. Let your employees know that every task is related and, in the end, it is to produce better quality products or services.

The sense of being a team should be promoted. Managers should be provided opportunities to assess the skillsets of each person and assign work accordingly so that employees can experience their growth as well.

Open Feedbacks

Often, employees have feedbacks that can help the team function better. Managers should be open to all feedbacks from employees as some of them can be detrimental to increase productivity and seamless harmony between all the employees as well as the managers.

Instead of making individual decisions, if managers are open to employee feedback and suggestions, they can get fresh and innovative ideas. This can especially help when the organization is facing an issue. By discussing the issue with employees, managers can get different options on how to resolve them and they can make a well-informed decision to solve the issue.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution should always be the top priority at any workplace. Nobody likes to work at a place where the atmosphere is charged with tension and stress. Whenever there is a conflict between two employees, managers should always listen to both sides instead of making an ill-informed decision as this may lead to conflict between the employee and the manager.

Miscommunications often lead to companies losing talented employees. Hence, employee engagement activities along with team building activities should be conducted often. Employees should also be appreciated and rewarded when they achieve a certain goal to boost their morale.