6 Things Android Users Have That Apple Users Wish For

Android and Apple phones have their advantages and disadvantages. We are not here to argue which one is better. The ever-going and never-ending debates between Apple users and Android users are practically as antiquated as our prehistoric ancestor, Lucy. We believe it isn’t about which one has better features but about individual preference.

Here, we are going to discuss things that android has that apple doesn’t. Sure! Apple users always defend their operating system with vivacity but even they admit that there are certain features that android has that they wish their iPhone had.


Pick up 5 iPhones and all of them will have the same home screen and lock screen theme with app icons placed in that same old grid system. Android users have an array of themes to pick from and change whenever they like and customize their home screen and lock screen according to their choice. They don’t have to stick to the old grid systems.

Google Play Instant

This is a feature that Apple users are missing big time. With google play instant, android users can try out any game or app without needing to install it. This feature not only saves you storage space but lets you try out as many games and apps as you want. Pretty cool, eh?

Variety of Apps & Games

Another useful feature that Apple users wish they had! Android users can download apps and games from various sources as they are not limited to using the play store. Once users know how to open APK file, doors to numerous apps and games are open for them. Apple users have limited apps and games to choose from as they can only download apps or games from Appstore unless they plan to jailbreak their phone.

Better File Manager

Android phones have both – internal as well as external storage and they can access them easily. They can even move files from internal storage to external storage and vice versa. Apple users are stuck with a default app to access all of their files and let’s be honest! It isn’t that great. Apple users are limited to their internal storage, unlike android users who can always extend their storage space by adding an external memory card.

PC & Android

Android users can easily access all their files on their laptops or PC. Apple users can only access their photos unless they download iTunes on their PC. While Android users only need to connect their phone with a USB cable to access their phone. Android users get an option if they want to let the PC access their phone or just charge it for them.

Seamless File Sharing

We get it! Apple is all about safety and security and hence, it has a closed-source system. But Android has an open-source system making file sharing seamless and hassle-free. File sharing between phones is so much easier for Android users as compared to Apple users.