8 Ways to Click Faster while Playing Games on PC

Are you a hard-core gamer? Do you want to beat your friends in any AR games? If you are looking for ways to increase your efficiency and rank then you have come to the right place.

Nowadays, AR has become a major part of technology. Some people invest most of their time in improving their skills for the game. It is exhausting for quite a few of them as their practice is not productive enough to beat other players. A teenager’s life is incomplete without adventurous games.To be efficient you must ace click per second test as this is the milestone of becoming a professional gamer and enhance your rank.

Ways to Improve your Gaming Skills
To improve your skills you should carry out the following steps:

Play with Better Players

To accomplish a sudden spike in your performance, you have to surround yourself with competitive players. Of course, playing with them would make you feel like a noob but in a long run, it will improve your performance. If you around smarter people it allows us to learn and practice new skills.

• Always Learn the META

There is a myth surfacing around “Everything is about luck”. This saying is not true, for success you need to have a strategy and practice. If, you learn META then you will have an advantage over other players as you can easily predict their next move.

• Watch Live Streaming of Pro Players
By streaming live you can learn the tactics and situations for the game. This habit will cultivate new insights and methods to use while playing an AR.

Use Different Techniques
One of the best techniques is to enhance your clicking ability. The two types that are included in this package are Butterfly clicking and Jitter clicking. 

 Butterfly clicking is a technique uses a process of 2 fingers alternatively to click faster. The index finger and middle finger are used for the test. 

Jitter clicking is clicking fast on your mouse by only using the index finger. You can spike your skills by practicing jitter clicking. 

• Gaming Mouse

 A proper facilitated mouse is a must for effective composure while gaming. The efficiency of your performance also depends on the mouse you prefer. So use the best quality mouse. 

• Positing of your hands

 The more accurately your fingers are placed more will be your efficiency. 

– Relax your muscles.

 – Place your fingers close to the mouse.

 – Do not put pressure on the mouse as this can slow your speed. – Have a good grip on your mouse. 

• Action per second

 The more right action you perform higher clicks you will receive. This, will improve your game at a major level.

•Practice Clicking

 Practice makes clicking speed faster. The more you practice more will be your output. It is important to always practice first than compete. 

Consider these ways and become a pro player in shooting games and speed games. Add fun to your personality by mastering perfectionism in AR games. Beat your friends and flaunt your rank with budding pride.