9 Wholesome Holiday Traditions for Mother-Daughter Duos

Many people confuse traditions with duty and they start disliking them. But traditions are about being together and having fun while creating warm memories. My mom and I clean the house together while listening to random songs with little dancing here and there. Cleaning may not sound like a fun tradition to a lot of you but I have some of my warmest memories associated with cleaning the windows.

For those of you who do not have any traditions as such or want to start a new tradition, here are some wholesome holiday traditions for mother-daughter duos.


A lot of us paint our house before the holiday season. But redecorating the rooms or the kitchen together can be fun. Usually, dad is the one to paint the house and that is cool. Let him do that. Mother and daughters can sit together and browse Pinterest for decoration ideas to plan out something new and refreshing for the holiday season.


Both of you can bake cookies or get gifts or clothes and donate them at a shelter or you can go volunteering at an animal shelter or a neighboring shelter for the deprived ones. It is a soul-cleansing experience that a mother and daughter should have together.

Fairy Light Shopping

Who doesn’t love fairy lights? They can make everything look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Browse around your local mall for the variety of fairy lights they offer and choose your favorites for the Christmas tree, bed posts, and windows.

Binge-Watch & Binge-Eat

This one requires no effort so after a tiring shopping spree, sprawl out in front of the tv and binge-watch some holiday-themed movies together. Clad yourselves in mommy and me sweater and be comfortable. Matching clothing is a must-have mother-daughter tradition and you can purchase from For Daughter right now. Don’t forget to order some of those burgers and fries.

Hot-Cocoa Nights

Some days are for comfort and to just laze around the house. Make yourselves 2 huge mugs of hot cocoa and share your favorite memories of each other. This is the time for some deep talks!

Photo Albums

Switch on your local radio for some festive songs and bring out that dusty box in the attic that has all the old albums. With pictures now mostly stored on the cloud, feel nostalgic together by going through those old photo albums. In fact, print out your favorite pictures of each other and make an album together.

Bake Brownies

Sure! Most of us bake cookies together and cookie decorations are fun but baking some chocolate brownie can be fun and a lot of satisfying to eat with vanilla ice cream when they are fresh out of the oven. Trust me! You will end up eating half of the brownies together.

Fancy Brunch Date

This one is a personal favorite! Dress up in fancy clothes, put on some makeup, and drive out to a brunch place. Brunches are the best time to click pictures together and have fancy food. Don’t forget to order some tea.

Paint Them Nails

Festive holiday nail paints are fun. Not because they look cute or pretty but because the majority of the time, they end up with a disaster. This is hilarious to watch and you can have some of your most funky and memorable holiday pictures together.