A Quintessential Guide to Freestyle Rapping for Beginners

Improvisation is the key to freestyle rapping. That being said, you still need lots of practice to freestyle without sounding lame. Rapping is about making an impact on your listeners and the same goes for freestyle rapping. For those of you here who believe that they are not good at freestyling, here is something you should probably know. Few of the top rappers that you probably look up to were actually really bad at freestyling. I am not going to name any of them here because I already know most of you will be googling them right now.

Now, without further ado let’s check out how to freestyle rap.

Don’t Stop Rapping!

When you are practicing freestyle, most of you will stumble. You WILL sound terrible and it is okay. Everyone starts that way. So, just rap away off the top of your head. Do not worry about being on the beat when you are just starting to freestyle rap. Find a rap flow that you are most comfortable with and rap whatever you are thinking. You could be sitting in the toilet rapping about pooping and that is okay.


Yes! It can be difficult to find a rhythm and have a good rap flow when you are new to freestyle rapping. So, just mumble or hum along to grab the beat and ease into the rap flow. You can start rapping using coherent words later. That’s how you will learn to rap on beat without any background music.

Rhyme Schemes

Coming up with rhyme schemes for freestyle rapping is not easy. One way to overcome this hurdle is to be prepared. Go through your rap song lyrics and observe how you have used rhyme schemes for certain words that are commonly used in various songs. Work on them. Think of words and topics of common usage within rap and write rhyme schemes on them. This way, you will always have something in your brain to use while freestyle rapping.

Say Goodbye to Perfectionism

Many rappers get stuck while freestyling. One of the reasons that can happen is because they instantly realize that their freestyle did not rhyme correctly or the rap flow was incorrect or they missed the beat. This can lead to procrastination while rapping which will stop you from freestyling any further as your mind will just be thinking about the mistake you made. Stop trying to make your freestyle seem perfect, instead just rap away confidently.


For anyone to be a rapper, practicing enunciation is an absolute necessity, at least if you actually want to be heard by people. Even for rappers who are learning how to rap fast, one of the key things to do is to work on enunciation. Go through your rap lyrics and practice rapping. Record yourself and observe how you enunciate words. No matter how slow or fast you rap, being clearly heard is something every rapper should aim for.

Creativity & Spontaneity

Freestyle rapping requires you to be spontaneous but that doesn’t mean you spit out random things (unless when you are just starting to practice freestyle). Observe your surroundings and come up with a story or concept that you can rap about. Exaggeration by using metaphors and similes is pretty common in rap and that is what makes it more impactful. So, keep an array of words in your arsenal to use them creatively.