Fandoms & Pajamas: A Comfort Package

We live in a time where fighting over favorite fandom characters is a pretty normal thing. Let’s not even talk about the tension we feel when a DC fan and a Marvel fan are arguing. No matter which fandoms you support, buying fan merchandise is such a satisfying use of money.

As a Potterhead, I have bought so much Harry Potter merch and I haven’t regretted a single purchase. But my all-time favorite is the Hedwig pajamas that I bought online. It isn’t always easy to find fandom pajamas at stores but buying pajamas online means getting me a variety of options that I don’t get offline.

Most people buy fandom t-shirts, and so do I but I am partial to fandom pajamas.

Comfort is Equal to Comfy Pajamas

No one can argue with me on that. What do you do when you are feeling down? For me, it is re-watching my favorite movies or re-reading my favorite book series. That is my coping mechanism whenever I am down in the dumps. And the majority of the time it has worked for me.

I wear my fandom pajamas and settle myself under the blankets with a cup of Hot Chocolate. Ahh! Even writing about this makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Why fandom Pajamas?

Does your fandom give you comfort? Are pajamas your comfy clothing choice? Then why not? If we combine those two things that you associate with comfort, then they are obviously a MUST have in your wardrobe. Buy your favorite fandom pajamas online and be comfortable.

The Pajama trend

If you think wearing fandom pajamas makes you look like you are not trendy then let me correct you on that assumption. The pajama trend is literally everywhere. Celebrities are wearing pajamas as streetwear. So just spice up your pajama game by wearing your fandom pajama. Who doesn’t like Zendaya! According to Zendaya, this trend is not going anywhere and she absolutely loves it.


Now if we are talking about comfort pajamas, we cannot forget about onesies. How cute are they? Onesies are best worn during winters. They are comfortable, cute, and warm. I mean have you seen the batman onesies? They are so cute. Imagine Christian Bale or Ben Affleck wearing batman onesies!

Proud Geek

Being called ‘geeky’ in middle school made me feel like shit. But by the time I was in high school, I had learned to love my geeky nature. I told myself reading may be uncool according to kids my age, but that won’t make me stop myself from reading books. And Oh boy! Did I read! At some point, I started reading comics and manga as well.

I can proudly announce right now that I am a proud member of the geek family. I love it when someone calls me geeky. By the time I turned 24, I had so many fandoms to support that I decided I need to earn just enough to buy my multi-fandom merchandise.

All the hidden geeks out there, stop hiding! The best way to start is by buying your fandom pajamas. Embrace your fandom! Be comfortable!