Get a Grant


Thank you for your interest in Sunflower Children. Below are Sunflower’s requirements for disbursing a grant. Please review the following information and then fill out the form below.

You are eligible for a Sunflower grant if:

1. You are a non profit organization, an institution, or an individual working with disadvantaged children such as:

Children living in poor conditions (neglect, malnutrition, etc.)
Street children
Handicapped, physically or sexually
Children in peril, refugees, etc.

2. The goal of your project is education oriented. The projects which we choose to grant are focused primarily on the personal growth of children, therapeutic projects or projects which support a healthy foundation for education. For example:

Building, expanding, or running a school
Provision of medical treatments, psychological or therapeutic treatments for past hardships or other needs to enable a child to pursue educational growth
The development of after-school education and/or tutoring programs
3. The management of the project must be 100% volunteer.

4. We welcome projects from all around the world.

5. You complete the following form:

Grant form with the conditions your projects must follow:

Part 1:
Organization, institution, person creating the project:
Responsible person:
Contact person:
Team of volunteers, their position:
Contact info:
Email address:

Part 2:
1. Name of project
2. Short description of the current situation and problems at the location.
3. Short description of the specific goals (ways of solving the problems)
4. Number of children the project will affect.
5. Timing – when will the project start and how long would the grant allow it to last?
6. Longevity of the project – what happens to the project after the grant has been used?
7. Budget – as concrete as possible, projects will be supported based on 100% volunteer work.
8. Photo documentation – if you have it.