How to Better Express Your Feelings When Texting

Texting is a wonderful way to express yourself, especially when you’re not near a keyboard or phone. While it’s easy to press the Enter key or tap on a phone to send the message you want, sometimes you want to convey a little more feeling than the written word allows. Enter Emoji, the digital characters that can be added to your text messages to help you better express yourself.

When it comes to texting, it can be hard to find the right words to express how you’re feeling. If you want to help the people you text know how you feel, whether it’s just a simple, “I’m thinking of you,” or a more serious, “I’m worried about you,” you don’t have to be a professional writer to send a thoughtful, well-crafted message.

Why Emoji is Important in Conversation

It’s hard to discuss life in the modern world without bringing up the role of lenny face. In literally any situation where you’re texting, tweeting, or posting on Facebook, at some point you’re going to want to say something without actually saying it. And, as all good writers know, sometimes the most effective way to communicate something is with visual images, because words can be misinterpreted. Emoji is thus the perfect tool for telling a story, filling in the blanks, or delivering a punchline.

Emoji has become an integral part of modern lifestyle, and while some of us may think emoji is a frivolous way to talk, it actually has some strong arguments in its favor. For starters, emoji is a way to express yourself in a way that lets other people know exactly what you mean. Because they’re universal, emoji’s are a great way to make new friends (and potential lovers), and they’re also great for conveying your opinions about important issues, such as the American election. Emoji also lets you communicate in a way that, frankly, looks really cute, which is important for a world that’s going increasingly text-based.

How to Communicate In the Digital Age

Emojis have become a common way to communicate in the digital age, with 8 billion of these tiny pictures sent every day. Despite this, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Sure, there are hundreds of emojis to choose from, but most of them are just variations of the same theme; that’s why offers a huge variety of funny, weird and cool emoji designs for you to choose from.