How to Electronically Express Your Emotions with Text Emoticons

These days, society has become an increasingly digital place. Nowadays, we carry our phones everywhere, and they are constantly at hand. We use them for everything from staying in touch with loved ones to ordering take out. And while this technological convenience has its perks, it also has its downfalls. What if you want to pop the big question with a marriage proposal, but you are too shy to do so in person? After all, technology may be great for staying in touch with loved ones, but it’s not always the best way to express your emotions!

It’s no secret that some of the best electronic communication happens when people are feeling their feelings, and the Internet may have found the most effective way to express those feelings to date. The latest trend is to use “Lenny Faces” a combination of LOL and emoticons to convey sentiment and show you’re really invested in what you’re writing. The possibilities are endless, because there are hundreds of Lenny Faces to choose from.

Trend of Texting

Texting is so 2010. Sure, you can express your emotions with a few keystrokes, but you could be emoting so much more. With a range of lenny faces at your disposal, you can show exactly how you’re feeling in any given moment. The Lenny Face blog will teach you how to be more expressive with the addition of emojis to your text messages.

Why to Use Emojis

Emoji is one of the most popular new ways of communication among people. It is a text to speech emoticons that you can place into your text messages to convey your feelings. But some people might think that emoji is only for the teens or kids. They don’t appreciate that emoji is a great form of expression and an amazing way to spice up anything you are writing.

Like it or not, the world of communication is going full emoji. You can disguise the fact that you are not typing a full sentence by wrapping it in smiley faces. You can convey any emotion you want with a few well-placed symbols. You can actually talk about the news, which is nothing to smile about.

Emoji are colorful and expressive icons that you can insert into messages to help get the point across. For example, many of us can’t help but use the “thumbs up” or “clapping” emoji when we give a compliment, or the “frowning face with a tear coming out of its eye” to convey sadness.