Most Popular Free Multiplayer Games of All Time

Some of the old classics are still being played these days. Luckily most of them are for free. So, if you are sitting at home during this pandemic wondering what to do, why not reminiscence your childhood gaming days by playing these popular games that are now available for free!

Most of the classic all-time favourites include role-playing games within the multiplayer genre. The list here are games that are still being played so you do not need to worry about looking for players. Check out the list and play these games for free during this pandemic situation.

Call of Duty: Warzone

This one is all about the action. You don’t need to scroll through the inventory to equip items and there is no time for you to stand still to sort out attachments. With CoD’s excellent gunplay, each and every gunfight is a battle royale. So, if you want to just get knee-deep into action, this one is for you.

Destiny 2

Another one that is created to keep the players busy with numerous campaigns, quests and activities. With a classic playstyle that is well received by MMO and RPG fans, it sports a polished platform and melee combat. With various customization options from armour types to weapon types, you can unlock still relevant and new experiences. If you are a shooter who also likes RPG, this one is for you.


Yes! This old game is still alive and being played by gamers around the globe. If you want to play this game, using a Runescape auto clicker will make it easier and quicker to upgrade to higher levels. For free download, use the run clicker from this link. To avoid the in-between boring long roads that require you to keep clicking, using an auto clicker will make jumping levels easier. If you want to play the better version of this game, try Runescape 3.

Guild Wars 2

A classic fantasy RPG adventure, it provides you with solo, co-op as well as PvP opportunities. The best feature of the multi-player option is that it requires you to passively join with other players by providing numerous public events and it doesn’t require you to team up before a battle. So, if you don’t have many RPG friends, you can just slowly build online gaming buddies to gain a multi-player experience.


We all remember Overwatch. This one followed shortly after it and is a free-to-play game. The feature that is most loved is that this game offers an array of different heroes to play as. There are 4 main roles – front line, damage, support, and flank. Each hero is unique and offers a different impact  of game to a combat. It is an action game with RGP elements in it and a fun experience for gamers.

Dota 2

This one had to be on the list. With an eternally evolving battleground where your limits are tested while friendships are forged, you will need quick reflexes and a greater information retention capacity to play this game. In a way, the game is sort of silly with wizards trying to knock down rock gardens that form fragments of a sentiment moon, but it is a game well loved and for all the right reasons.