How to Write Effective Bullet Lists

The purpose of a bullet list is to help readers understand and remember what they have read. Your bullets should be short and concise. There is no set number of items required in a list, but the more items you have, the harder it may be to keep track of what you wanted to emphasize. It is also important to keep a consistent style in your list. For example, if you use bullets that are longer than a single line, keep the entire list that way.

Many people are intimidated by bullet lists. They think they’re too simple to write, or that they’re just a list of random ideas thrown together. The truth is, bullet journal tips can be an incredibly effective way to communicate a lot of information in a short amount of space.

What is BuJo

Bullet journaling is a system of organizing the things in your life that allows you to have greater control over your time and tasks. It is similar to a diary or journal, but you can actually use it to keep track of a variety of tasks such as what you eat, workout, how much you sleep, and how much time you spend on various projects. It is a very flexible method of keeping track of what is going on in your life.

Why Bullet Journal Is Important

Your bullet journal is your creativity, it is your life, it is your world, don’t let it go to waste. Remember, your bullet journal is your life, don’t forget that! So, you may be wondering, why should you keep a bullet journal? What is the reason for you to keep a journal? What makes it important for you to keep a journal? Well, there are many reasons why bullet journaling is important for you and your life. To make your life the best possible life you can, you need to have a bullet journal.

If you’re a blogger or someone looking for an alternative to digital note-taking, the bullet journal is for you. This analog method of note-taking is growing in popularity as people discover that it can be used to organize pretty much anything.

The basic idea is that you keep all your information in one place, in one place. Each section of your bullet journal is in a different color, and each one can be used for a different type of information.

The Bullet Journal is an organizational system developed by productivity enthusiast, Ryder Carroll. It’s designed to help people better organize their lives, from daily to-do lists to long-term planning, and it’s infinitely customizable, so it’s a great tool for just about anyone.

India and Health & Safety: A Toxic Love Story, Quite Literally

If you ask anyone, and by anyone I mean ANYONE, about the health and safety in India you are likely to get the same answer across all demographics of people. India as we know, is not very big on 2 things, health and safety. If we talk about the former it is most likely the government’s responsibility. So is the latter but let’s spare some shame.

Problems With Health

India has a lot of health problems given that the big population of the country does not give priority to health and safety. India is a country of over a billion people, on the social and political fronts, while others involve people who have done something to improve the health and safety of the country. For instance, a government body might be working on a program to improve the access of rural Indians to medicine. As reported by Health and Safety, this program could save the lives of thousands of people by preventing illnesses and by extending life spans. It is important to have more and more health and safety consultants in the country along with other basic services, this is what we are to target next.


What are the health and safety concerns for people living in India? Water and sanitation access is a huge concern for the citizens of India. In some villages there is no access to water, so they have to walk miles to get to the water. Other problems in third-world countries are malnutrition, and lack of education. The problems in the U.S. are obesity and the lack of education.


Although India has a booming economy and the largest population in the world, the country is rapidly becoming more and more unhealthy, with a rampant increase in mental and physical health problems. This is due in part to poor health and safety regulations that have been put in place to protect workers and consumers. According to current regulations, there is little governmental oversight of food and drug production, and many products do not meet basic health standards. This has led to an increase in food-related illnesses, such as intestinal problems and diarrhea, and an increase in water-borne illness is also a concern. Along with poor health and safety regulations, there is also a lack of education about food and drug safety issues.

Problems With Safety

India is a country that has been undergoing fast economic growth in recent years, and the country with over 1.3 billion people is a lucrative market for many businesses and industries. However, the Indian government has been cracking down on many of the businesses that have been profiting from the Indian market, due to the safety hazards that they have been posing to the Indian people.

“The New York Times” recently ran an article on some of the problems the Indian government is facing in regards to safety regulations in the country. Among the most pressing issues is the attitude people have toward safety in India. In many parts of India, people simply don’t know about safety regulations and are completely unaware of the safety hazards that surround them. There is almost nothing in the name of industrial hygiene audit services except for the big private giants who have no option but to get them at their expense. The year 2013 is a huge example. On the night of December 2, a series of blasts ripped through the city of Dhanbad, in Jharkhand, killing more than a dozen people and injuring hundreds more. The explosions, which were triggered by a gas leak, were set off in a coal mine operated by the government-owned National Coal Corporation. In the wake of the incident, the local authorities took several steps to ensure that similar tragedies are prevented in the future. A new set of safety regulations was rapidly drawn up and the government pledged to invest in new facilities to ensure that companies adhere to them. All in words.

Effortless Ways To Style Your Dresses With Corset Tops

Silky camisoles, slip sleek dresses and even long line robe dusters are amongst the overarching street-to-bedroom trend that continues to thrive with vigor. Whether be it lingerie like designs pr pajama inspired pocket prints, the fine line between indoors and outdoors apparel is growing sleeker and sleeker. The top and latest iteration of this enduring trend- dresses with corset tops– are perhaps the most obvious to enter the zeitgeist yet.

Vintage Floral Corset Tops

The best way to flaunt elegant corset top is to dress it up with a suit. The suit needs not to be too formal, casual wins it here. Whether it is a light color or a black floral corset top, acoustic flavor in floral patterns is shown naturally. If you are thinking oh highlighting your complexion and temperament to a great extent, red should be your – go-to- color.

Winter Is Coming

In autumn fall and chilly winters, try a very simple yet stylish way to wear your dresses and sweaters pairing them with a cute bustier top. As for footwear, you can always rely on high knee lengths boots to match up with your outfit. Warm and fashionable, you can achieve it all!

Black On Black Gothic Chic

Black on black is like a match made In heaven. It becomes very exciting and turns out to be very elegant when you pair a gothic dress and on point dramatic corset together for one lovely dark retreat. If your style is more of Morticia Addams versus Gothic Lolita, then a sleek dress with one beautiful black leather corset may be your thing

Free-Spirited Soul And Style

Boho beauties enjoy a free-spirited style of dressing their corsets. From embracing their life to hippie fashion, they typically desire a sense of ease and freedom in all that they do. So while some you might scoff at the idea of fitting corset over a maxi dress, they are effortlessly artistic!

Lace-up and waist cladding corset dresses simultaneously nod to the level of Victorian Era. And oh, while it may seem innate to assume that these designs exclusively lend themselves to complementing only those with a blessed bustier shape, their style is universally surprisingly undoubtedly flattering even for those with modes of modest cup sizes. And to those of you who have notions that corset dresses trend sound dauntingly unwearable or inappropriate for outdoors, fret not- the corset bodies flaunting the zeitgeist are a far cry from the styles you might be wearing every day. Dressed up or dressed down, corset tops and dresses are here to flatter and to seamlessly fir into any body shape, any wardrobe.

Pre Employment Assessment Test- A Boon To Embrace

In today’s era, the job market is entirely driven by candidates and so it becomes imperative for firms to involve and engage the best of their resources in finding a perfect candidate suitable for the vacant position. Thus many organizations are opting for online portals and modes available for the same. Online pre employment assessment test helps them to hire or recruit suitable talent minimizing the hiring expenditure and candidate that fits in well.

The pre-employment assessment test measures the job fitment of applicants before they reach the personal interview stage. Multiple assessment tests can be conducted online. Large corporations nowadays outsource these tasks to third party agencies to accelerate the entire process. Firms also conduct screening through mobile applications, which further helps the candidates to enroll in for their interviews on the move. Even ATS tracking system eliminates the rigorous process of screening thousands of applications and allows the human resource team to focus on other sacrosanct tasks. It also discards the need of fixing up a decent venue for testing and hence saves a lot of time.

Is Your Resume Everything You Need To Get Hired?

A curriculum vitae is sometimes not the best window to look and judge a candidate’s profile. It is challenging to measure whether the resume is made by the applicant himself or by some third party help. An online assessment test uses the most efficient and sophisticated tools to measure a candidate’s appropriateness level. Many organizations opt for video call option to see the candidate while they attempt their tests. These tests have become the best way to assess the job eligibility criteria of applicants.

Pre Employment Assessment Test- 24*7 Accessibility

The online pre-employment assessment test can be taken anytime regardless of time and day. it does not need continuous supervision to conduct these tests. So it is fruitful for both, the employer and candidate. The candidates are free to take tests whenever it is feasible as they 24*7 access.

Pre Employment Assessment Test- Ready to Start?

Humans can not match the accuracy level of one computer. The online grading process and automated screening discard the need for human intervention. So, it makes the entire hiring process error-free and accurate to the top. It reduces the chance of missing on qualified candidates. It is needless to say that the improper selection of candidates can lead a company to loss. So it is important to choose your vendor wisely and carefully. Are you ready?

4 Android App Development Fundamentals for Beginners

The cool highlights that join applications are what draw the interests of clients. Applications make telephones “brilliant” and through their advantages, applications have changed how we work today. The amount of people using mobile applications is extending with time, and especially versatile android app development company in USA is taking off at new heights.

Fundamentals Of Android App Development

#1 Master the Language

Java and XML are the two primary programming dialects utilized in Android App improvement. Information and authority over these programming dialects are, along these lines, requirements for building up an Android application.

#2 Information on the Application Components

Application segments are the basic structure squares of Android application advancement. Every one of the parts is an alternate point by which the framework can enter your application. Albeit every last one of them exists as its element and assumes a particular job, there are some which rely upon one another, and not every one of them is real passage focuses.

There are five unique sorts of application segments each filling an unmistakable need with a particular life cycle which characterizes how it is made and pulverized. They incorporate exercises, administrations, content suppliers, communicate collectors, and actuating parts.

#3 Know the Right Development Tools and Environment

Significantly, you acquaint yourself with the fabricate robotization devices just as the incorporated advancement condition before you begin building up your application. You can utilize Android application studio IDE or the Eclipse for the tools; they will assist you with learning the fundamentals and numerous different things that will help improve your code. You can learn Apache Maven, Apache Ant, and Gradle as they give an amazing arrangement of devices to help in dealing with your fabricates.

It is likewise significant that you acclimate yourself with source control instruments and ideas. Get familiar with the git and afterward make a git-source store (by making a record on Bitbucket or GitHub). To comprehend the essential ideas and terms of how the stage works, you can utilize the Git Pocket Guide.

#4 Making Right Choice over Needed Tools

The basic instruments that you requirement for Android application improvement are only a Mac or Windows PC, any kind of Linux, and Eclipse, the ADT Plugin, and the Android SDK—which are all free. You can experience the establishment manage on Google to figure out how to set up your improvement condition; it gives documentation of everything required. This was just a gist of information, visit Promactinfo to know more about fundamentals of android applications.

Best Topical Treatments To Get Rid Of Eczema

Eczema, also known as Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that invites redness and itching. Eczema is a chronic disease and tends to flare up timely. If you have got dry skin, severe itching especially at night, small pumped bumps which may release fluid and collapse when scratched, sensitive cracked swollen skin, then you should surely see a doctor if you have eczema. These red or brownish-grey patches mostly appear on eyelids, face, hands, wrists, chest, inside bends of elbow and knees, ankles, and feet. It can also come along with hay fever or asthma. Though it’s quite common in children it can occur to any person of any age. Eczema most often begins before age 5 and may persist into adolescence and adulthood. Topical medications and self-care measures can relieve you from this condition.

Fluocinoione Actenoid Cream

Fluocinolone acetonide cream belongs to the class of topical corticosteroids. This medication is used to treat a variety of skin conditions of which eczema is one. The dosage of fluocinolone acetonide cream 0.01% is preferable to reduce swelling, itching, and redness caused by eczema.

Topical Calcineurin Inhibitors

Topical calcineurin inhibitors(TCIs) are nonsteroidal medications to heal affected skin areas by eczema. They function by inhibiting a piece of the immune system from “switching on,” preventing it from causing redness and itching as well as other symptoms.

Pimecrolimus And Tacrolimus

These medicines when rubbed on the skin, cure moderate-to-severe eczema. They relieve you from itching and inflammation though they are not steroids. But there are chances that they might increase the risk of skin cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Corticosteroid Pills

Topical treatments or topicals, when used for eczema are medications applied to the skin to reduce inflammation and cure other symptoms. There are different types of topical treatments of which most common include prescription of steroids in varying calcineurin, strengths, inhibitors, and PDE4 inhibitors.

Topical Steroids

Topical steroids are the most commonly prescribed medications for all types of eczema. There are many variant topical steroid types and a few different modes such as (cream, ointment, lotion, spray). It helps to relieve inflammation, redness, and itching so that your skin starts to breathe fresh again.

Topical PDE4 Inhibitor

PDE4 inhibitor inhibits or blocks an enzyme called phosphodiesterase 4 from allowing severe inflammation in the body by controlling cytokines(proteins produced by our cells that contribute to inflammation). Currently, there is one topical PDE4 inhibitor for eczema called Eucrisa(crisaborole) to treat moderate eczema ages 2 years and up.

5 Effective And Affordable Ways To Grow Thick Eyelashes

Every woman wishes to have long and black natural eyelashes. You might have seen many women having long eyelashes and dream for the same. You would even have tried curlier your lashes and apply mascara over it but in the long term, they are going to affect your eyelashes.

Eyelashes play an important role in enhancing your eyes. They even your eyes from dust and sweat. So basically, lashes are important and therefore should be treated with precautions. Here are 5 easy, effective and affordable ways to grow your lashes thick and long.

5 Ways To Grow Thick Lashes

Comb Daily

It may sound elementary, but brushing out your eyelashes is an excellent way to make them appear longer and to improve their growth. While there isn’t a ton of science to support this theory, an abundance of professional make-up artists and experts praise the merits of brushing your lashes out.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is a dominant antioxidant that can help decrease the oxidative harm inducing and rise in hair loss. It also comprises of tocotrienol mixtures that may help improve the number of hair strands. Therefore, it may contribute to longer eyelashes.

Castrol Oil

Ricinoleic acid is the principal ingredient that makes up 90% of castor oil. This acid has explicated potential in aiding with hair loss. Hence, it may also be an alternative substitute for preserving the thickness of your lashes.

Serums And Eye Drops

There are several types of topical products available in the market in the form of serums and eye drops. You can also buy lumigan eyelash growth online. This process might not be that cheap but it works.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline (petroleum jelly) moisturizes your eyelids and helps them get rid of eyelash parasites, inhibiting further harm to the lashes. Still, there are no studies on its capacity to aid eyelash growth.

Bonus Tips

  • While using an eyelash curler, try not to pull your lashes because that will make them weak and prone to fall.

Couple’s Costume – Creative Funny Halloween Couple Costumes


For youthful and old the same, Halloween is one of the most profoundly foreseen of a considerable number of occasions. An ideal method to introduce the fresh, fall leaves, there is an occasion for everybody around this time topped with chances to dress off, enhance, and obviously eat their weight in Halloween sweet.

Funny Couple Costumes

Is it true that one is of you altogether littler than the other? Make jokes about that with a pony and racer subject. Cautious referencing this one to your sweetheart on the off chance that you need her to be the pony! Obviously it poses another good thought as exchanging jobs is constantly interesting. Rather than the well-established minister and pregnant religious woman shtick, make the person the cloister adherent and the young lady the cleric. Would you be able to consider any longer fun job inversions? Consider things that come two by two and quite playoff of individuals’ desires a piece. Think lifeless things, for example, cigarettes and lighters, forks and spoons or liquor and traffic tickets.

Innovative Couple Costume

Presently we as a whole can think of the standard teams like the blessed messengers and the demon, the medical attendant and the patient, or the cop and the criminal. In any case, consider what is remarkable about you two as a couple. It is safe to say that you are known to nerd out over pc games or specific motion pictures? Do you share an interest together? Maybe there is an absurd recent development featuring the news that you may get a kick out of the chance to make jokes about. The best things about you as a team can be utilized to produce thoughts for a wide range of interesting couples Halloween ensembles. Be that as it may, here are a couple of thoughts to enable you to couple pajamas set fashion.

without a doubt, there is a type of ongoing story of an exceptional running lose on that the news must immerse you with. In spite of the fact that you may hazard being considered fairly thoughtless in certain circles, there are a few gatherings of companions that would incredibly value a couple conspicuously landing as an executioner and unfortunate casualty from prominent wrongdoing. This will normally possibly work if the story is by and large tirelessly detailed.

Couple’s Halloween Costumes

While picking an outfit yourself is typically entirely simple, what occurs however when you and your better half are welcome to a couples halloween party? Unquestionably there will be a cost for the best couple’s outfits, isn’t that so? Almost certainly this messes up your imaginative deduction process as you presently need to concoct couples halloween outfit thoughts that ideally nobody else will consider. Unavoidably, you will go to the trusty web for help. You are resolved to win that prize!

In any case, the primary request of business is to choose whether or not to go for interesting, intricate and lovely or as a renowned couple. In spite of the fact that it is generally the clever ensembles that bring home the prizes, ideally this article can not just furnish you with incredible instances of couples halloween outfits, yet in addition, move your very own portion unique thoughts all the while!

Well Known Couple Costume

In the event that you are as yet inclining towards well-known couples ensembles, who are the couples that individuals are sick of becoming aware of in the media? While Brangelina might be an easy decision, there are consistently VIP couples to look over that can without much of a stretch incite a laugh or two when getting through the entryway in full character and redefining the latest fashion trends. Think about the disagreeable Heidi and spencer pratt or well-known individuals supposed yet profoundly probably not going to be coupled.

As should be obvious, the potential outcomes are unfathomable, yet it will do you nothing worth mentioning for me to offer such a large number of clear recommendations as to the general purpose of couples Halloween ensembles is innovation! Discover your accomplice and get the chance to work conceptualizing recent developments and characteristics you as a group is known for and you make certain to be a hit! In Couple fashion for ladies, there is numerous choice are accessible in a stylish outfit like outfits, maxi dress, skirts to wear in a gathering. at the point when you are wanting to wear a fashionable skirt in parties some alluring skirts varities are given here which is a help to wear the trendy skirts in parties.

3 Way to Generate the Butt Look Bigger in a Dress

You are ready for a hot date or a night on town with the women and also you pitched in your own most alluring figure-hugging dress and try the mirror. Hmmm, you appear okay but something is missing. You are simply not completing the stairs section well-enough and also you immediately will need to determine how you can get your butt look bigger in a dress. To check larger and rounder buttocks utilize buttocks enhancement pills. It is likely to create a full appearance intact. Now, bigger ass exercises aren’t likely to help, but you want an instantaneous solution! Butt improving panties or booty pads can simply take you from lukewarm to smoking-hot in moments. Within the following piece, you are going to learn about the very best buttocks enhancers and cushioned panties to help make you look sexier at virtually any ensemble.

Padded Rear and Hips Lift Brief

Would you Want a little padding at the buttocks in Addition to the Buttocks? The Underworks cushioned back and shoulders lift small can offer you an increase in both the areas. These cushioned panties will provide you a smooth appearance under your apparel and flatten your belly when enhancing your butts contour and providing you with curves which Beyonce will envy.

Silicone Butt Pads

The foxy fanny silicone cushioned panty is created from adore my pockets And not merely gives your booty an increase however in addition it includes spandex and mesh which tones and controls the waist to provide you with a flatter abdomen too. The realistic feeling silicone inserts are removable which means that you may wash off the panties with no harmful the silicone. Each couple of this foxy fanny is sold with two sets of silicone pads and also you might even buy extras if you will need to find yourself a different appearance, if subtle or perhaps a larger boost.

Magical Padded Panty

The bewitching cushioned panty has pliers molded into the panty to Offer a smooth and natural appearing bigger, rounder buttocks. There’s also some gut control for this particular with all the spandex support at the front. It appears so natural that nobody could know your little trick. The panty is made out of lycra and nylon, which has cotton crotch and can be found in white and black. you can wear a Long skirt with varieties its help make you look like gorgeous.

Thus, no longer fretting about the way to make your bum look larger At a dress! You have only read Three amazing options Which Will instantly provide Curves to the flattest booty.

10 Useful Tips for Decorate Your African Print Dress


Therefore you got that African American printing apparel which is sure to capture the interest of those people around you. However, whenever you tried it you pointed out there is something lacking.

You then realized that you want accessories for the brand new apparel. You need to be cautious though. Dresses with African American prints really are magnificent, you can buy to them from However, with the incorrect accessories, you may very quickly mess up your appearance. It’s true that you can continue the side and use little accessories as you possibly can. But under accessorizing can turn your apparel out of fab to blossom. If accessorizing an African-inspired dress confuses then your ten hints below will be of fantastic aid.

10 Tips to Decorate African Dresses

Avoid Large Clunky Pieces

African prints are bold because it’s. That you never want further attention by wearing secondhand accessories. Whenever you’re wearing dresses using bold prints, then it’s always a good idea to go understated and small as it pertains ti accessories.

Don’t Blend Prints

Certainly one of the hardest things which you may perform whenever you’re wearing a dress using the African American print would be always to possess accessories together with prints that are contradictory. This usually means no polka dots or stripes. Be in keeping with your appearance and proceed with African American all-the-way.

Avoid a Number of Colors

It’s also advisable to avoid having accessories using too many diverse colours. You wish to standout not resemble a clown. A smart strategy is to select 1 colour from the printing of one’s apparel and get just accessories together with this particular shade. you can also try an attractive skirt with multiple design and variety with matching jewelry.

This Is Not the Time to Glow

Which usually means you need to also stay away from wearing jewellery which sparkles. Again, you ought to pick the monochromatic appearance once it has to do with jewellery. Think black beads. If you’d like just a tiny glow, then elect for smaller pieces such as stud earrings.

However a Bit of Gold Will Not Damage

If you genuinely wish to”lighten ” your appearance then go together with silver jewelry. But keep it simple. Just a tiny gold string is more preferable over large pieces.

Say No More to Big Luggage

Whenever you’re wearing African printing apparel than that’s actually the full time say goodbye to enormous tops and hello into small clutches.

Obtain the Proper Shoes

In the event, you wear African-inspired footwear? Definitely not. A better choice is to pair shoes with neutral colour and style.

Should You Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat can additionally simply take you overboard if you’re wearing African printing apparel. In the event that you’re able to locate a straightforward African-inspired head-dress though afterward, it may possibly be a wonderful addition for your own look.

Think About Fur

The fur is fine provided that it’s just not real. Cruelty will not look good regardless of what type of printing you’re wearing.

How to Proceed with Your Own Hair Loss

Since African printing is diagnosed with being mad and crazy then you are able to simply simply let down your hair. Or you might also tie this up using an African-inspired hair attachment. Again, you ought to avoid anything too bold.

Now you learn just how to accessorize your African printing apparel, you’re prepared to devote a crazy night in the city.