List of Projects

  • Brazil BRINCADERIA (OPEN DOOR PROJECT), BRAZIL Brincaderia (Open Door Project) provides a safe educational and social environment for 500 children who experience difficult living conditions. The project encourages the importance of respect for one another and provides nutritional support for each child.

  • Brazil VIVA A VIDA, DRUG REHABILITATION CENTRE, BRAZIL Viva a Vida is a drug rehabilitation program for 20 boys and is the only residential treatment program in the region specifically catered to street children from low-income backgrounds.

  • Cambodia HOUSE OF HOPE PHNOM PENH, ORPHANAGE FOR HIV CHILDREN, CAMBODIA House of Hope Phnom Penh is an orphanage for 25 HIV positive orphans. The home provides children with much needed shelter, love and affection.

  • Cambodia HOPE FOR BETTER FUTURE, SCHOOL FOR HIV CHILDREN, CAMBODIA Hope for a Better Future is a school focused on 90 HIV positive children and children orphaned by AIDS. HIV positive children are stigmatized because of their illness and experience much social and personal stress. We are giving these children the opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Cambodia PMTCT (PREVENTION MOTHER TO CHILD TRANSMISSION OF HIV), Cambodia This program provides comprehensive and vital prenatal, natal and postnatal care to 200 HIV positive mothers per year in order to minimize the risk of HIV virus transmission to newborn children.

  • Cambodia PEDIATRIC CLINIC AND NUTRITION PROGRAM, Kandal, Cambodia Pediatric Clinic and Nutrition Program in Takmeo provides critical medical care for malnourished and HIV / AIDS children as well as a hospital ward for child patients and a nutritional rehabilitation program.

  • Colombia CASITA DE BELEN, ORPHANAGE FOR 300 STREET CHILDREN, COLOMBIA Casita de BelĂ©n provides shelter, nutrition, education, recreation and medical care for orphaned and abandoned “gamines” (street children) aged 0-11. Children who once scavenged the streets for survival are given the opportunity to have a childhood. Sunflower sponsors Casita’s annual milk, diaper and medical needs.

  • India ISLAND OF HOPE, AN ORPHANAGE AND EDUCATIONAL CENTER, INDIA Island of Hope is an orphanage and educational center, which provides basic vaccinations, education and psychological support to abandoned and displaced children affected by the Tsunami.

  • Nepal FUTURE HOPE SCHOOL, Nepal Future Hope School is a place of safety, love and education for 57 street children of Kathmandu. It provides school supplies, uniforms and daily meals for impoverished children 3-11 years of age.

  • Nicaragua THE MOBILE CLINIC PROGRAM, Nicaragua The Mobile Clinic Program provides medical support, training and health care for rural areas of the Subtiava region of Leon, visiting 10 communities every 15 days. It supports close to 6,800 people with a primary focus on the health care of children under 5 years and women.