When Fashion Meets Culture: An Eye-catching Combination

Fashion designers are artists and artists tend to look for inspiration in everything – from inanimate objects to intangible abstractions. A lot of fashion trends are inspired by different cultures. If you have traveled to other countries or seen documentaries, then you must have noticed a different fashion style than yours.

Culture has influenced artists all over the world and the most obvious influence is seen in fashion from ornaments to clothing. Have you noticed trendsetters wearing clothing with African print? They immediately catch the eye and has a unique bright look to them. If you have seen them and want to wear them, then order from buydashiki.com. Check out some of the most sought out fashion trends that are influenced by different cultures around the world.

Nose Piercings

A lot of you must have noticed that nose piercings are becoming common these days. They may have entered the mainstream market in the western fashion scene but they are originally from multiple places like Africa, India, etc. In fact, nose rings were not only worn by women but are still worn by both men and women in some areas of the Indian subcontinent.

Nose rings have been in these cultures since the Bronze Age. It may be hard to believe, but how cool must their fashion be!

Indian Colours & Jewellery

The greatest fashion influence from India is definitely the saree. So many designers have been inspired and created designs influenced by Indian textile and colors. India has also got some of the best jewelry and it is hard to argue with that. Bangles, earpieces, and neckpieces currently in the mainstream are inspired by the traditional multitude of regional diversity.

African Textile Prints

Since the past decade, the Western fashion industry has been looking for inspiration from African culture. And why not? Africa can be considered to have the oldest civilizational roots. Ancient Egyptian definitely knew how to dress! And now we see African traditional clothing is been stylized or adopted as a whole by designers and trendsetters.

One of the most loved African textile prints is the Dashiki print. We have seen a lot of celebrities rock this African print as streetwear. Browse for an array of Dashiki print clothing for you and order from buydashiki.com to update your wardrobe now!

Japanese – Kimono

Everyone knows about Kimono. You probably have one. The traditional Kimonos are not for everyday as they are heavy and you probably will end up sweating a lot unless it is winter and your heater is not working. The western Kimonos are quite different but definitely inspired from the traditional Japanese ones.

The ones you see at every department store are thin and flowy – suitable for an everyday casual summer look. The prints are mostly the ones seen on the traditional Japanese ones – floral.

Ponchos are Everywhere!

Even your grandma has one. In fact grandmas especially love them as they are easy to carry and keeps them warm. Originally, Ponchos are from South America – Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. But they became famous because of the Mapuche Civilization.